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10 Things You Should Know About Dr. Ben Carson

The 2016 Republican Presidential Primary is shaping up to be a battle between two political outsiders – Donald Trump, the well known real estate developer and reality show host; and Dr. Ben Carson, a highly regarded retired pediatric neurosurgeon.

These men are different in almost every possible way. Trump is brash, outspoken, conspicuous with his wealth and holds political positions all over the spectrum. Dr. Carson is very reserved and soft spoken and has consistently held mostly conservative political views.

Until recently, Donald Trump was way out in front with all the other candidates holding single digit or low double digit support.  However, Dr. Carson is surging in the polls and many put him even with or ahead of Trump.

Ben Carson isn’t a household name the way Trump is, so here are 10 interesting facts that’ll help you get to know him better.

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