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15 Biggest Earthquakes in History

The world has seen some devastating earthquakes in recent years and in light of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, countries, cities, and communities need to be prepared when the earth begins to shake and rumble. While some earthquakes do not cause much harm, others can cause extreme disaster in a matter of a minute or two. Listed below are 15 of some of the worst earthquakes our planet has experienced ever and the Nepal earthquake did not even make the list.

1) Chile in 1960

Large quakes that affect small, populated areas are some of the most devastating and seemingly, they end up being the biggest earthquakes around. This quake in Chile in 1960 was actually one of the biggest on record. Reaching a magnitude of 9.5, this quake contained the equivalency of almost 1,000 A-bombs. In addition, 6,000 people died and $1 billion in damages occurred.

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