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15 Worst Epidemics in History

In a day and age of antibiotics, prescription medications, and advances in medicine and technology, it is hard to believe and understand that there was a time when disease would spread rampant. Even when disease is understood, it can be hard to treat effectively to stop the spread of infection, but when a breakthrough occurs, epidemics soon become forgotten. Listed below are some of the most deadly disease epidemics ever recorded and observed.

1) Polio

There was once a time when this disease spread throughout and it was a commonality to have the disease at a young age. The epidemic reached its peak in the early 1950s when over 57,000 individuals were reported in the U.S. alone. Since this epidemic affected the nervous systems of thousands of people in the mid-1900s, medical experts created a vaccine to help prevent the onset and spread of this disease.

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