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15 Worst Highway Pileups In U.S. History

In the day and age where cars are imperative to life, it is inevitable to have some sort of a vehicular accident. While many are simply fender benders, bumps, or scratches, others are more serious. Some accidents, especially when on the highway, are responsible for causing severe physical disability, head trauma, and even death. Listed below is a list of the 15 worst pileups on a freeway.

1) 1988 in Kentucky

This massive pileup caused substantial injury and is a reminder why it is important to be responsible when behind the wheel. Taking place between a bus and a pickup truck, the driver of the pickup truck was inebriated and driving down the wrong side of the highway, thus slamming into the bus head on. The bus ensued to catch fire and 27 of the 66 passengers died, and another 34 were severely injured.

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