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Historical Facts

15 Biggest Earthquakes in History

The world has seen some devastating earthquakes in recent years and in light of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, countries, cities, and communities need to be prepared when the earth begins to shake and rumble. While some earthquakes do not cause much harm, others can cause extreme disaster in a matter of a minute or two. Listed below are 15 of ...

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15 Most Destructive Hurricanes

In light of the finale of the hurricane season, it is only suiting to talk about some of the most destructive hurricanes ever to pass through the United States. Some hurricanes are formed off the coast of Africa and travel long distances before reaching the eastern half of the United States whereas some traverse from the eastern pacific and make ...

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12 Most Deadly Airline Disasters

It seems that accidents and large crashes are a drama filled event in the media and when it involves an airplane, the news spreads in a hurry. Airline crashes are a major concern given the billions of people who fly every year and millions who fly every day. While there are some who do not fear flying, there are still ...

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15 Worst Epidemics in History

In a day and age of antibiotics, prescription medications, and advances in medicine and technology, it is hard to believe and understand that there was a time when disease would spread rampant. Even when disease is understood, it can be hard to treat effectively to stop the spread of infection, but when a breakthrough occurs, epidemics soon become forgotten. Listed ...

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15 Worst Highway Pileups In U.S. History

In the day and age where cars are imperative to life, it is inevitable to have some sort of a vehicular accident. While many are simply fender benders, bumps, or scratches, others are more serious. Some accidents, especially when on the highway, are responsible for causing severe physical disability, head trauma, and even death. Listed below is a list of ...

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