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12 Worst US Supreme Court Decisions

There are certain unalienable rights which are granted to Americans but when those rights conflict we defer to the Supreme Court to settle the dispute. Although our Supreme Court Justices are bound by the Constitution and try to uphold the law, they are only human. In some cases, Justices arrive at decisions with confusing, convoluted and contradictory logic that seems ...

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Top 7 Ways President Obama is Disregarding the Constitution

The Obama administration has overseen some of the deepest erosion of civil rights in the history of the United States. We have constantly seen our constitution trampled on by this administration as it seeks to consolidate power. Will Republicans winning control of Congress have any effect on an administration that sees fit to ignore any law it desires? And this ...

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8 Scary Democratic Candidates

We’re still over a year away from the 2016 election but it is not too early to start worrying. These days it seems like the results of elections come down to a coin flip. Some of these candidates have been effectively running for some time. At least one of them was mentioned as a candidate when she lost 6 years ago. ...

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10 Reasons That Global Warming May Not be Man Made

If you’ve ever wondered about a valid reason you could give to someone who claimed that global warming was not only real, it was manmade, then here are ten different reasons to choose from: 10) CO2 Doesn’t Increase Temperatures A major argument that is brought up by the global warming crowd is that human activity emits CO2 which in turns ...

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